Olieverf op Doek (katoen) 60 x 80 cm
February 2009

The painting depicts the “Markt” (marketplace) in the town of Deurne, in a quasi-realistic manner, while the Mediterranean character is illusory. Everything revolves around Liesbeth in our early years (1970), the girl of my dreams; unreachable, back then, or ever … ?

Instead of being a mere collection of individuals, a group of people should be a coherent set, so I looked for examples! Past and present occur simultaneously, making us reconcile what is chronologically irreconcilable.

Fond memories of Toon and the round table in “De Peelpoort”, our local pub in those days.
Μίκης Θεοδωράκης: “Στρώσε το στρώμα σου για δυό (make your bed for two).