Delphi Camping

Delphi Camping

oil on canvas (cotton)
80 × 100 cm
December 2018

When light dispels the darkness.

This painting refers to Αμφι, an earlier painting from 2011. As in Amfi, it shows one of my most precious spots, and meanwhile also that of Liesbeth’s.

In fact, during the spring and summer of 2018, it was definitely our most precious spot because we no longer had a home and temporarily lived elsewhere or were on the road (D-HORTOP).


  • Watercolours by Avgéris Kanátas.
  • Tis agapis aimata (Odysseas Elytis/Mikis Theodorakis (lyrics/music), here performed by Yannis Kotsiras)

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Just like Liesbeth in this painting, I have spent hours and hours looking at this scenery since my first visit in 1974, especially at sunrise. I once read that the cult of the deity Phoebus Apollo, the illuminating and inspiring one, originated here. The following is a quote from the text accompanying Αμφι, an earlier painting of mine.

When the sun is rising behind us and the first rays of light make their way through the Parnassos, then light dispels the darkness. 

First, at the break of dawn, the mountains and the Pleistos valley in front of us lighten up. The light is rushing towards us, the shadows rapidly withdrawing. Down in the valley the crowns of thousands of olive trees colour silvery green. Below in Chrisso the white houses and the orange rooftops start to bloom in the sunlight. Goat bells echo on the bare slopes, and the crickets start their concert.

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