Fanfare (‘Brass Band’)

oil on canvas (linen)
60 × 80 cm
September 1980

This painting was a gift for my father on his 75th birthday.

It’s about the brass band, his band, of which he had been a zealous conductor for more than thirty-five years. When he left, the band – in his opinion – was still lacking a bass tuba. So I decided to ‘make’ one for him.


  • Warm memories of my parents
  • Finlandia (Jean Sibelius) – my father’s favourite musical piece

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My father was a great leader with a rich imagination and the ability to inspire many musically as well in other areas. 

The latter included technology, a discipline he was adept at both in terms of design and practical implementation; he was exceptionally clever with his hands. In the scene depicted he’s trying to fix someone’s instrument at the last moment, as happened occasionally. After all, even with such a beautiful tuba, a cylinder gets stuck sometimes.

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