Fotofíltro 2

Φωτοφίλτρο ß / Fotofíltro 2

oil on canvas (cotton)
50 × 100 cm
February 2015

Fabric & Philosophy

The artery of western civilisation: the fragile connection between inventiveness and sustainable profit is recklessly jeopardised by the pursuit of quick money.


  • Acroyali (Yanni, together with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, recorded live at the Odeion of Herodes Atticus, Athens, 25 September 1993)

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I would call this an abstract self-portrait, although, technically speaking, it is not abstract and it is not a self-portrait either. It deals with a theme that often crosses my mind.

Just like Fotofíltro 1 (2009), this painting shows the design for a ventilating awning made of textile (this remains a passion of mine).

We see the construction of the fabric from the inside; complementary layers slide alongside each other but remain close together at the same time. As such, the fabric closes in whole or in part. We can see how this should have worked because the layers are pulled apart, rather abruptly, displayed with bloody red, partly broken connecting threads.

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