Μετέωρα / Metéora

oil on canvas (linen)
90 × 70 cm
May 1984

Floating between heaven and earth

Moni Rousánou is just one of the many imposing monasteries in this wondrous place.

The idea of living, working and – especially – staying in such a place is intriguing to me.


  • Sergei Rachmaninov’s Vespers (no 2 Praise the Lord, My Soul)

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An impressive environment of age-old monasteries on rocks thousands of years old, the latter constituting the foothills of the Pindos mountains above the Valley of the Pinios River, which flows into the Thessalian Plains.

The scenery is a witness of the past, both in terms of the geological and cultural processes of change. It upsets my sense of time and space . . . over and over again.

It would take almost 25 years before I started my next oil painting, in 2008. Shortly after completing this painting, my father, who had always inspired and stimulated me, died, and my eldest son Dorus was born. Moreover, I felt that the intense process of painting was incompatible with my professional life and my new responsibilities.

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