Morgenstemning på Tverrfjellet

oil on canvas (cotton)
100 × 150 cm
November 2014

In the silence of these overwhelming Norwegian fjells and fjords, this summer, I was overcome with the sense of being surrounded by − and at the same part being part of − elemental forces.


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Morning Mood.

It is morning, mist clouds pull up from the fjords along the fjells around, lingering above the many streams and waterfalls. The sun light pierces through the cloud cover and the wind drives out the last nightly rainstorm over the ridges in the distance; a rainbow appears. The scene around the picnic table suggests a warm summer morning. 

The sound of my horn fades away in echoes, and the silence returns. However, as soon as you notice the sounds of rippling water, falling down further away, you realise that the huge observed space is actually not empty at all. Just look at the satellite dish, and what about that great invisible force of nature: gravity.

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