Ορχήστρα / Orchéstra

oil on canvas (linen)
120 × 150 cm
May 1982

Orchéstra, originally ‘dance floor’; the place to form a row for ‘the dance’. Who participates? Who jumps into the row rightly, or out of it, when it really matters? Who – in hindsight – is right, and who gets the honour? Heroism can be seen as a tension between the driving forces of arrogance vs. empathy – a theme evoking intense emotions, gratefully used in the arts, not in the least in music. 


  • Warm thoughts of fellow musicians, past and present
  • Eroïca (Beethoven)
  • Bergson’s philosophy

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In a sense, music is an architectural design set in time. Being a mathematical construct, it is neatly divided into note lengths, bars, phrases, themes and parts of, for example, a symphony. This in itself can be experienced as something beautiful.

However, a short single tone sometimes encompasses a world of musical emotion. On the other hand, one may recall a long symphony as if it were a single breath. As such, this precious experience is completely independent of measurable time.

Such an experience among the musicians – the orchestra is shown here, the colour and lighting functioning as a metaphor for a fireplace. Its radiating warmth and light will hopefully also reach the audience.

Many of my friends revolve around the orchestra – both in space and time.

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