Garden party


Garden party

oil on canvas (cotton)
100 × 160 cm
December 2017

I have happy memories of the many garden parties over the years at the house where I have lived since 1971. Each year, in the middle of summer, we celebrated my birthday and that of Greetje’s, with friends and family. This painting is a souvenir, since Liesbeth and I are moving.


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An intimate environment is depicted here: the patio under the trees, with the sparkling fountain at its centre and my self-built cozy ‘Taverna’ at the edge. The Greek and Irish music records being played added to the unique atmosphere.

In recent years, the party was occasionally graced by the singing of Marleen accompanied by Dorus, or by Dorus alone on his violin; mostly Irish songs, jigs and reels. The Irish ballad The Parting Glass – no less melancholic than Greek rebetika – would have fitted perfectly here.

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