Καλλίδρομο / Kallídromos

oil on canvas (cotton)
100 × 150 cm
April 2014

Kallidromo is a mountain in southeastern Phthiotis and northeastern Phocis, in Central Greece. Its maximum elevation is 1,399 m.

This is about simultaneous experiences of one situation. What we ‘see’ depends on our own perspective.


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What reality do we see as a spectator, and is it the same reality as perceived by my good friends, who have gotten off for a walk in this hot afternoon? And the passengers still inside the pleasantly air-conditioned coach, what exactly is pointed out to them?

This site contains the estuary of the Sperchios River, the homeland of Achilles. This is the imaginary spot where the hero collected his army of Myrmidons, ready to embark on their voyage to Troy, probably in 1190 BC.

The strategic narrow coastal pass of Thermopylae (‘The Hot Gates’) was also at the foot of this mountain on the left in the background. In August or September 480 BC, the Battle of Thermopylae took place here, between the Persian Empire of Xerxes I and an alliance of Greek city-states led by king Leonidas of Sparta. The ultimately remaining 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, 400 Thebans and 900 helots had to face the infinitely larger Persian army. All Spartans died, including their king.

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