Tsakónikos Chorós – right panel

Τσακώνικος χορός |
Tsakónikos dance

oil on canvas (cotton)
100 × 100 cm
December 2013

Left panel
Middle panel

Greetje spontaneously jumps up – in dialogue with the leading dancer on the middle canvas, as it were. The main vanishing point of the entire triptych is at Greetje’s right little finger.


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Liesbeth, Dorus, Teun with Sofie and myself look up pleasantly surprised and see, while listening to the music, the dancing crowd approaching behind Greetje. The entire performance actually revolves around Greetje, who loves dancing (street dance in particular). In the background we see the Acropolis of Athens with the ruins of the Parthenon and the Erechtheion, ancient symbols of western culture.

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