Tsakónikos Chorós – middle panel

Τσακώνικος χορός |
Tsakónikos dance

oil on canvas (cotton)
100 × 100 cm
December 2013

Left panel
Right panel

Tsakónikos is a circular folk dance, going back to the ancient Greek χορός (‘chorus’), a group of performers who comment on the main action, typically speaking and moving together. A long line consisting of boys and girls, men and women, winds around the large plane tree, moving towards the main road.


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Their traditional costume originates from Aitolia-Acarnania (Amfissa) and Phocis (Nafpaktos) on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth. The leading dancer is depicted exactly in the middle of a tsalimi

One of the most significant contributors to Greek folk dancing and Greek folk music was Dora Stratou (Athens, 1903 – Athens, 1988). She founded the Greek Dances-Dora Stratou Society.

Ο Ερμής (O Ermis) is the name of the café and taverna in the background, which is, as often, located on the main road. O Ermis (Hermes), often described as ‘the swift messenger of the gods’, was the mythological god of those who were cunning and agile, including not only traders, but also thieves. He was also the protector of travellers and inventive minds; in short, of all of those who exceed established limits.

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